Triumph is a USA Custom Formula lab that has been making ELITE all-natural formulas since 1999.

We work with Doctors and Medical Professionals all over the world and
are dedicated to their customers and our own.

ALL Triumph Products are Elite, Pharmaceutical Grade Formulas

We don’t do “second best”, “watered down”, or so called “good enough”

The difference between Try and Triumph… Is a WHOLE LOT of UMPH!!!


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Triumph has achieved the highest level in the industry through:

Research & Testing
Trial and Error

Working with:
Medical Professionals
Direct Customers

We know what is proven to work
& what just plain doesn’t

No one is more professional &
has the right intentions, like we do… YOUR SUCCESS!

Find what you’re looking for?

Contact us. Triumph has hundreds of custom formulas available. We formulate and bottle all our own ELITE formulas, but only list a few on this site.  


We promise to only send you good things.